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20 Personal Finance Tips For 2009

1. Track every penny of your spending for two weeks.

2. Establish due dates for your financial goals.

3. Pay yourself first; use direct deposit to save easily.

4. Get your free credit report at ( note: only accessible through ISPs located within the United States and its territories)

5. Pay down credit card debt.

6. Evaluate the cost of your current lifestyle.

7. Make one change in your spending each month.

8. Teach your kids the difference between wants and needs.

9. Build a rainy-day fund.

10. Read the fine print to understand credit card interest and fees.
11. Save your change.

12. Create a written spending plan for each paycheck.
13. Pay bills on-time, every time.

14. Learn to balance your checkbook.

15. Buy a shredder and use it.

16. Participate in your company's 401k.

17. Protect that important number. Don't carry your Social Security card in your wallet.

18. Start a holiday fund.

19. Know your credit score and what it means.

20. Start making changes today. If you need help, contact Consumer Credit Counseling Services.



Jay Castillo said...

Great tips, especially number 2. I really should set a deadline for my financial goals. by the way, what blogger template did you use and were did you get it? I'm looking for a 3 column template for my blog right now. Thanks.

ofw Investor said...

thanks a lot jay.y
You can try the link below.

Tony Heywood said...

Great tips, have already got rid of my credit cards thanks heavens. Will be interesting to see how much I waste as I count every penny I spent for the next two weeks!

Private investors

Aspiring Entrepreneur said...

Nice post! It was nice to see a growing set of financial bloggers here in the Philippines.

Mar said...

I am an OFW too and I am happy to read this post of yours. I am also into blogging and fortunately we have the same crusade to learn about investment and savings which most Filipinos are illiterate. Thanks for this post.